photo of old pickleballs repurposed to USA flag

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose and Recycle Old Pickleballs

Pickleball is a fantastic game, but what happens when your trusty pickleballs have seen better days?   Instead of tossing them aside, why not get creative and give these old balls a new lease on life? 

We've gathered ten inventive ideas for repurposing and recycling your old pickleballs that are sure to inspire your inner DIY enthusiast.


1. Save Money and Lighten Your Planters

  • Use old pickleballs as pot fillers in your planters. This not only saves potting soil but also reduces the weight of your pots. 


2. Crafty Christmas Decorations

  • Get into the holiday spirit by turning your old pickleballs into colorful Christmas decorations. Make mini-Christmas trees by using the balls as ornaments and spray-painting them in festive colors like gold and red. You can also create unique tree ornaments with various arts and craft pieces or fashion a stunning Christmas wreath adorned with pickleball ornaments.

photo of a mini Christmas tree made of recycled old pickleballs painted in gold color like Christmas tree bulbs

  • Transform old and used pickleballs into vibrant Christmas ornaments for wreaths by painting them with red glitter paint. This simple recycling method breathes new life into the pickleballs, making them perfect additions to your festive decor. Take a look at the picture below to see the stunning result!

photo of old recycled pickleballs used to create a Christmas wreath idea design


3. Create "Dot Matrix" Flag Art

  • For the artistically inclined, construct square boxes to resemble US and state flags. Use the pickleballs as a "dot matrix" printer, coloring them to correspond with your chosen flag's design.

photo of an American flag made from old, used and recycled pickleballs made of hard plastic painted red, white and blue


  • Used pickleballs can serve as a unique "dot matrix" printer to recreate any US state flag, such as the iconic Lone Star of Texas demonstrated below.

photo of the State of Texas flag made of recycled pickleballs painted red, white and blue and placed inside a shadow box


4. Create A Pickleball Trophy

  • A wonderfully innovative way to repurpose old and recycled pickleballs is by crafting a tongue-in-cheek "pickleball trophy" like the one shown here. It can serve as a delightful gift for fellow enthusiasts, adding a touch of humor and camaraderie to the pickleball community.

photo of a pickleball trophy made of old, used and recycled pickleballs spray painted gold for a great gift idea

5. Turn Pickleballs into Artwork

  • Unleash your artistic talents by creating unique works of art using recycled pickleballs. Take inspiration from the turtle sculpture shown here, which was crafted from an old pickleball and showcased at a local art show.

photo of a turtle made of recycled old pickleballs with a design idea

6. Fuel Young Creativity

  • Give back to the community by donating your old pickleballs to a local elementary school. Let the students' imaginations run wild as they use these balls for art projects, like crafting adorable snowmen and snowwomen.

photo of snowmen and snowwomen made of old, used and recycled pickleballs painted white and adorned with yarn


7. Keep Boots in Shape

  • Ever wondered how to maintain the shape of your boots? Old pickleballs come to the rescue! Insert them into your boots to help them stay upright and in perfect form.


8. Light Up Your Christmas Parade Float

  • If you're planning to decorate a float for a Christmas parade, consider using spray-painted pickleballs as decorations. They add a pop of color and holiday cheer to your float.

photo of old used pickleballs used as fence decorations in a creative idea design wreath shape


9. Get Creative with Fence Decorations

  • Transform your chain-link fence into a statement piece by spelling out "#pickleball" with old pickleballs. It's a fun and unique way to showcase your love for the game.

photo of a used pickleball fence decoration idea spelling out letters like hash-tag pickleball

10. Make Furry Friends Happy

  • Don't forget about our four-legged companions! Donate your old pickleballs to local dog shelters. As shown with the Boston Terrier pictured here, dogs can have a ball (pun intended) playing with them.

photo of a Boston Terrier dog with a old, used and recycled pickleball in it's mouth as a donation to the SPCA


Responsible Recycling with P3 Pickleball

  • Want to go the eco-friendly route? Partner with recycling companies like P3 Pickleball. They'll send you a collection box, and you can ship your old pickleballs back to them, ensuring they are recycled responsibly.

photo of a pickleball recycling bin by P3 pickleball

So, the next time you're contemplating what to do with those well-loved but worn-out pickleballs, remember these inventive ideas. From festive holiday decorations to supporting local schools and furry friends, there's a world of creativity waiting to be explored with your old pickleballs. Give them a second life and let your imagination run wild!

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