Templeton, MA to Install Two New Pickleball Courts

Templeton, MA to Install Two New Pickleball Courts

The Town of Templeton in Massachusetts is in search of a skilled licensed contractor with commercial expertise to carry out the installation of two bituminous all-weather Tennis & Pickleball Courts at GilmanWaite Park in Baldwinville, MA.

The task involves installing 2 pickleball courts on the site where tennis courts were previously located. The scope of work comprises the following steps:

- Reclaiming or removing existing bituminous concrete tennis courts and taking out the existing net posts.
- Clearing away any excess material from the site.
- Precisely grading and compacting the area.
- Applying a 1.5" layer of bituminous concrete binder course.
- Installing two sets of steel net post sleeves and center anchors (while ensuring that fence posts are in position).
- Applying another 1.5" layer of bituminous concrete top.
- Performing a thorough sweep and air cleaning in preparation for surfacing.
- Applying two coats of acrylic resurfacer mixed with 5-10 pounds of 50-60 mesh silica sand per gallon of resurfacer, at a rate of 0.07 to 0.10 gallon per square yard.
- Applying two coats of latexite textured surface at a rate of approximately 0.05 gallon per square yard per coat.
- Installing two sets of new douglas tennis posts and nets.
- Marking, masking, and painting two tennis and two pickleball playing lines with a paintbrush, utilizing 100% acrylic textured line paint.
- Removing masking tape and performing general cleanup of the work area.

The project site will be located at the current tennis court. For a detailed understanding of the bid instructions for the new pickleball courts at GilmanWaite Park in Baldwinville, MA, please follow the link provided below.


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