photo of the city of Aspen, Colorado's tennis courts at Iselin Park where they plan to remodel for pickleball courts in 2024

The City of Aspen, Colorado Requests Proposals for New Pickleball Courts

The City of Aspen, Colorado is thrilled to present this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the 2024 construction of a recreational project.  Our aim is to transform the existing tennis court facilities into a modern and versatile racket sports destination, featuring tennis and pickleball. 

This RFP solicits professional construction services for the Iselin Tennis and Pickleball Courts. Construction is scheduled for 2024.

Project Description and Background:

The Parks and Open Space department, along with our consultant team, has developed an improvement plan for the Iselin courts located at 0861 Maroon Creek Rd, Aspen. The project involves the demolition of the two existing tennis courts and the construction of a regulation-sized tennis court, as well as seven regulation-sized pickleball courts.

Our vision for this project extends beyond court expansion. We also plan to develop gathering areas that promote social interaction and create a welcoming atmosphere for players and spectators. These dedicated spaces will reinforce the project's objective of promoting healthy lifestyles and leisure activities.

Through the implementation of this project, our goal is to create a vibrant recreational hub that aligns with the evolving preferences of our community members. By offering top-tier facilities for tennis and pickleball, accompanied by thoughtful gathering spaces and site enhancements, we aim to foster connections, promote physical well-being, and enhance the overall quality of life within our community. We invite prospective vendors to collaborate with us in bringing this vision to life and contributing to the realization of an outstanding recreational asset.


Project Goals and Objectives:

The primary objectives of this project are to enhance our community's recreational offerings and provide a modern, inclusive, and engaging sports facility that caters to individuals of all ages and skill levels. We strive to create a versatile environment that accommodates both tennis and pickleball enthusiasts, reflecting the diverse interests of our residents and promoting active, healthy lifestyles.

Please click here to view the entire RFP in PDF format for the City of Aspen, Colorado's new pickleball courts.

To achieve these overarching goals, we have established three main objectives for the project:


1. Court Diversity and Regulation Standards:

Our first objective is to construct one regulation-sized tennis court and seven regulation-sized pickleball courts. These courts will adhere to the highest standards of quality, ensuring a fair and enjoyable playing experience for all users. By offering a range of court options, we seek to cater to the preferences of both seasoned athletes and newcomers to the sports, fostering skill development and progression.


2. Community-Focused Gathering Areas:

Our aim is to create dedicated gathering areas that go beyond the confines of the courts. These spaces will foster social interaction, encourage relationships among players and spectators, and cultivate a sense of belonging. Thoughtfully designed to accommodate seating, shaded areas, and amenities, these gathering spaces will create a welcoming environment where individuals can connect and share experiences.


3. Comprehensive Site Enhancements:

We are dedicated to revitalizing the entire site, not just the playing surfaces. This includes landscaping improvements to enhance the surroundings and careful consideration for various aspects of the facility. Furthermore, the project places a strong emphasis on accessibility, ensuring that individuals with diverse mobility needs can fully participate in the sports and enjoy the facilities without constraints.

Through these objectives, we intend to establish a facility that not only meets the immediate demand for quality tennis and pickleball courts but also showcases our commitment to community well-being and recreation. We encourage interested vendors to align their proposals with these goals and objectives, contributing to the realization of a groundbreaking project that will enrich our community's active lifestyle offerings for years to come.

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