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Babolat RBEL Pickleball Paddle

Babolat RBEL Pickleball Paddle

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The Babolat RBEL Pickleball Paddle offers a sensitive, shock-resistant feel thanks to its 14mm polypropylene honeycomb core and surrounding EVA foam. Weighing in at 7.58 ounces, this paddle gives control and a touch of power. The graphite skin and Rough Paint covering its 11.14” x 7.8” face permit powerful spin and balance. An extra-long 5” handle with a small circumference ensures comfort and ample room for maneuverability. The RBEL Pickleball Paddle is designed for varied play styles, providing comfort, protection, and control. Weight Average: 7.58 oz., Grip Circ: 4", Grip Style: Syntec Uptake, Grip Length: 5", Paddle Length: 16.14”, Paddle Width: 7.8”, Paddle Face: 65% Carbon/35% Fiberglass, Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb/EVA Foam,


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