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Champion Eclipse Graphite Bundle W/Covers item #: PBECL2

Champion Eclipse Graphite Bundle W/Covers item #: PBECL2

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The Champion Eclipse Graphite Bundle was made with both style and performance in mind. Its high-performance graphite faces have a durable, reactive and controlled feel, with an inner polymer core providing added power and accuracy. Plus, the paddle looks sleek with its black background and neon streaks.Included in the bundle are 4 long-lasting outdoor pickleballs and 2 covers that protect your equipment and make transporting a breeze. Show up to the court with this set and start playing! The covers also keep your paddles safe when they're not in use. Invest now in this smart bundle, made for players who want quality paddles and gear that will last. Champion Eclipse Paddle Tech Specs: Weight: 7.5 oz, Grip Circ: 4”, Grip Style: cushion/perf, Paddle L/W: 15.4"/7.75", Paddle Face: Graphite, Core Material: Polymer honeycomb, Edge Guard: thin-line edge,


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