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Champion Spark Pickleball Paddle

Champion Spark Pickleball Paddle

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The Champion Spark Paddle offers a control-orientated feel with its composite face and polymer core combo that players can use to their advantage. Its light weight is especially useful when at the net, allowing you to react quickly and aim for the sweet spot more easily. The handle is 5" long and is designed to accommodate players of all sizes with its small grip and flat, no-slip design. The great price point makes it an optimal choice for beginners, but its features still meet USAPA guidelines for competitive use. With the Spark, you get a valuable, well-rounded tool that will enhance your reaction time. The average weight is 6.8 oz and the range is 6.7 - 7.0 oz. The grip circumference is 4" and it may vary up to 1/8". The paddle length is 15 5/8", width is 7 3/4" and the core material is a polymer honeycomb. Edgeguard is 1/8” overlapping the face


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