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JOOLA Vision CGS 14 Graphite Paddle

JOOLA Vision CGS 14 Graphite Paddle

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Discover the JOOLA Vision CGS 14 Graphite Pickleball Paddle for a more intense spin and responsive core. This paddle is designed with a specialized Carbon Grip Surface (CGS), with texturing to grab your pickleball for extra rotation with every swing. An Aero Curve in its head shape boosts swing speed and reduces drag. This also features a 14mm Response Polymer Core, a 1/4" overlapping paddle face edge guard, and a weight ranging from 7.6-8.0 oz. The 4 1/8" trim grip circumference and 5-1/2" handle length enable quick wrist movements. Pickleball pros and amateurs alike can send pickleballs towards their opponents' defenses with the increased spin and speed of the Vision CGS 14.

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