Collection: SELKIRK Pickleballs

Selkirk pickleballs are a result of Selkirk Sport's initiative to bring their expertise in ball manufacturing to the world of professional pickleball, with balls engineered to withstand the hardest of hits, ensuring they last longer even in intense playing conditions​.

The Selkirk SLK Hybrid pickleball, in particular, is designed to be versatile and can be played both indoors and outdoors. It's engineered to create extended rallies which is a feature that both new and veteran players would appreciate. The extended rallies characteristic of these balls makes the game more enjoyable as it keeps the ball in play for longer durations​.

On their official website, Selkirk offers the SLK Competition Outdoor Ball which is specifically developed for the competitive player who wants the best playing experience without sacrificing durability. This ball is designed to last longer than other hard outdoor balls on the market. Moreover, it features enhanced neon color for ultimate visibility, ensuring players can easily track the ball during play​.

In sum, whether you are a professional pickleball player or someone who enjoys a good game over the weekend, Selkirk pickleballs offer a robust choice with features like extended rally capability, reinforced durability, and enhanced visibility, making your pickleball experience more enjoyable and competitive.