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SLK Competition Outdoor Pickleballs

SLK Competition Outdoor Pickleballs

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The SLK Competition Outdoor Pickleball from Selkirk was built for serious players seeking great game play and extended durability. This ball is wear-resistant and can survive multiple rounds, staying consistent and true throughout. It features the 40-hole pattern and even weight distribution, to ensure precision and accuracy. Visibility is enhanced by its bright neon color, suitable for any background or court color. Certified by USA Pickleball, you can take on tournament-level play with full confidence. Lab tests from Pickleball Central also show the ball's impressive longevity, with little bounce decrease in its lifespan. The Outdoor SLK Competition Pickleball weighs .91 ounces, has a diameter of 2.85" and a bounce of 32.75". It is manufactured in China.


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