Vulcan Pickleball Paddles

Vulcan - Advanced Logic Pickleball

With over 25 years of sporting goods design and manufacturing experience, the team at Vulcan Pickleball are serious about product design, manufacturing technology, and player satisfaction. While Vulcan only entered pickleball in 2019, they have built their business upon successful product offerings in tennis and baseball. Their founder (Vince Signorelli) got bit by the Pickleball bug, and decided to focus his company on building world-class paddles. He and his team worked tirelessly to develop a line of paddles that he felt played great for him and his fellow pickleball community members. As an actual player who is serious about the game, his standards for a paddle were high. Months and months of hard work paid off with the launch of the Vulcan V Series paddles, and the creation of Vulcan Advanced Logic Pickleball.