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Vulcan V710HT MAX Pickleball Paddle

Vulcan V710HT MAX Pickleball Paddle

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The V710HT MAX is Vulcan Pickleball's all-court paddle designed for optimal sweet spot expansion and power return. It features a 13mm thick Stateracore polypropylene honeycomb core with an 8mm honeycomb for a consistent feel. The edge guard extends into the layers for edge-to-edge dead spot reduction. Weighing 8.3 ounces, the paddle offers a lighter, well-balanced feel and its 4.75" handle is strengthened by the Dura-Flex throat and Thermal Diffusion Welding process. The paddle is 16" long & 8" wide w/V-Skin technology, providing control, power, & spin precision. Ideal for singles & doubles players seeking balance & control. Grips come in 4 1/8" (Small) w/up to 1/8" variance.


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