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CORE IMPACT Pickleballs

CORE IMPACT Pickleballs

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CORE IMPACT Pickleballs are specifically designed for serious players who demand consistent play all year. Weighing 0.91 ounces, these robust balls are designed with 40-hole construction for a reliable and fast drive. Crafted with one-piece rotomolded polyurethane, the material is made to stand up to the toughest games. Boasting both Yellow and Neon color options, these eye-catching pickleballs are easy to spot at any court. Plus, they’re USA Pickleball approved, so you know you’ll get reliable impact and bounce. Traver, a 4.0 player and Web Guy from Pickleball Central said, “I’ve been playing with the neon IMPACT balls from CORE for a week now and they’ve passed the test. Even in sub-60 degree temps, they haven’t cracked or become round under hard-hitting play.” Technical Specs: One-


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