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CRBN-2 Carbon Fiber Paddle

CRBN-2 Carbon Fiber Paddle

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The CRBN2 Carbon Fiber Paddle from CRBN Pickleball is the perfect blend of power and control. The T700 carbon fiber provides a potent & consistent feel across the surface. Its 8" wide face is ideal for maximum power and a huge sweet spot; while the textured face adds spin-potential to slices and cuts. It weighs 7.8 – 8.1 oz., and its 4-3/4" long handle offers a comfortable amount of space, along with 4-1/4" or 4-3/8" grip circumference for cushioning. Plus, choose from 13mm, 14mm, or 16mm core thicknesses to complement your style of play. Control-oriented? Try the 16mm. A 13mm for pop and power? Go for it. The 14mm combines power and a bigger sweet spot. All paddles are serialized and approved for sanctioned tournament play. Unleash your game with the CRBN2 Carbon Fiber Paddle!


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