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Evoke XL Graphite Paddle

Evoke XL Graphite Paddle

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The ONIX Evoke XL Graphite Paddle combines a durable graphite face with the reach of the original Evoke XL design. Resulting in increased power on all shots, its tough surface helps to manipulate the ball unexpectedly and easily adjust speed. The paddle offers a slim edge guard for accurate strikes, an eye-catching ONIX logo, and a medium cushion grip with perforations to reduce sweat. This lightweight racquet keeps you on your toes with improved balance and responsiveness, ready for any challenge. Average weight of 7.3 oz, grip circumference of 4-1/4" (may vary up to 1/8"), handle length of 5-1/4", and face, core & edge guard all made of quality materials. Manufactured in Mexico and China.


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