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HEAD Gravity Tour SH Pickleball Paddle

HEAD Gravity Tour SH Pickleball Paddle

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The HEAD Gravity Tour SH Pickleball Paddle is designed for precision and power. Its Sweetspot Power Core spans the 8.1" wide face, giving you a massive sweet spot, as well as unrivalled control. The hybrid hitting surface and SpinOn Texture adds power and spin, while the 4.25" short handle puts your hand closer to the sweet spot. You can also choose between two grip circumference options for a perfect fit. Add up all these features, and you have a paddle that will help you win more points and keep control of the match. Average Weight: 7.8 oz., Weight Range: 7.7 - 7.9 oz., Standard/Thin grip circumference: 4 1/8", 3 7/8" respectively. Actual grip sizes may vary. Grip Style: HydroSorb Pro Black, Handle Length: 4.25", Paddle Length: 15.75", Paddle Width: 8.1", Paddle Face: Hybrid Hitting


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