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Oneshot Pickleball

Oneshot Juniorshot Series Paddle

Oneshot Juniorshot Series Paddle

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The OneShot Pickleball Juniorshot Series Paddle is perfect for young players. The light weight and smaller grip allow kids to handle the paddle easily and keep playing pickleball without tiring out. Despite its size, the paddle still uses high quality materials for a great response during play. It comes in two sizes, for Toddlers and Kids, with a 5.3 oz and 6 oz weight and a 3-1/2" and 4" grip circumference respectively. The paddle also features dinosaurs or ocean creatures design with a fiberglass face and polymer core. Introduce young players to pickleball with a perfectly sized paddle that will stand up to frequent play! Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8". Paddle Weight: 5.3 oz/6.0oz, Grip Circumference: 4", Grip Style: Cushioned, Grip Length: 3.4"/3.8", Paddle Length: 12.4"/14.3",


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