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Selkirk Labs 001 Pro Net With Carbon Fiber Frame

Selkirk Labs 001 Pro Net With Carbon Fiber Frame

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Introducing the Selkirk Labs 001 Carbon Fiber Net System! This revolutionary net features a 100% non-corroding carbon fiber frame - lightweight yet incredibly sturdy - capable of withstanding any outdoor environment. Its 85 lb total weight is much less than semi-permanent nets with steel frames. Additionally, its side posts are designed to keep the top cord taut for permanent-net performance. With a gap below the frame, pickleballs roll under the net, so the match never stops. Setup is a cinch and takes less than thirty minutes. A wheeled trolley bag is included for ease of take-down and storage. The hinged fold-flat wheels make repositioning and securing the net quick and effortless. The court line indicators on the beam ensure precise sideline placement. Vibrantly engineered in America, the 001 Net is semi-permanent and allows you to play "for the afternoon or the whole summer."


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