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VANGUARD 2.0 S2 Paddle

VANGUARD 2.0 S2 Paddle

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The VANGUARD Hybrid 2.0 S2 Paddle features a classic, yet modern shape made with improved Selkirk materials. An innovative Pro-Spin texture ensures better traction and ball control. The quantum carbon fiber face serves up loads of speed and reliability, while the Gen2 surface offers increased durability. An 8" wide face makes for a big sweet spot that all players will enjoy. The X5 polymer core enhances power and reduces vibrations, while the 4-1/2" handle is wrapped in Selkirk's Geo Grip to absorb moisture. Choose from two weight ranges—7.4-7.8 oz or 7.9-8.4 oz—for the perfect balance of speed and power. The VANGUARD Hybrid 2.0 S2 Paddle is the perfect choice for unbeatable performance on the courts. Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".


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