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Vulcan V720HT MAX Pickleball Paddle

Vulcan V720HT MAX Pickleball Paddle

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The Vulcan V720HT MAX Pickleball Paddle offers a forgiving feel with an enormous, sweet spot for amazing play. It packs spin and power, courtesy of the 8mm cell-dense Stater core core and inter-layer CHAN-LOCK edge technology. Combining long dwell time of carbon fiber and power of fiberglass, the V-skin surface has Hit RAC Surface Grit treatment to add power and spin. The Dura-Flex throat provides superior torsion and flex, while the Max Control grip with 4.75" handle makes it easy to hold. It even plays lighter than its 8.3-ounce static mass. Get ready for maximum control and put-away power on the court with the Vulcan V720HT MAX Pickleball Paddle.


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