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Wilson TRU 32 PRO Outdoor Pickleballs

Wilson TRU 32 PRO Outdoor Pickleballs

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The Wilson TRU 32 PRO Outdoor ball is a top-of-the-line pickleball, offering extra speed and liveliness. Built on the True-Flight and long-lasting construction of the original TRU 32, this pickleball is optimized for responsiveness. It's great for tournaments and offers bright neon red color for easy tracking. 32-hole pattern helps deliver predictable flight and bounce characteristics. The PRO arrives with a slightly textured surface, ideal for slicing and control. Approved by USA Pickleball for competitive play, the PRO Outdoor is a dependable, fast-playing ball sure to impress. Wilson TRU 32 PRO Outdoor Pickleball Technical Specifications: Size: 2.92" Weight: 25.8g Rebound: 33.5" (75" drop) 32 holes Available in neon infrared Injection molded construction Made in USA Approved by USA Pickleball.


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